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About Indiequill Bookstore

Read Outside the Box.™ a startup bookstore dedicated to the indie publishing sector of the market. It exists to help self-publishers and small presses stay financially viable and bring some ethics to wild world of self-publishing sales. Tired of wasting time and getting screwed over by shady (and clearly unfair) tactics on other websites? That’s what it was created to stop.

Books as Diverse as You Are™

Love reading, but can’t find a book that has characters like you? Are you an author, but are shut out of the market of words because of what you or your characters look like? Do you have an idea that doesn’t fit in a pre-approved box, but needs to be shared anyway?  Do just really geek out about characters and need even more ships? That’s what Indie Quill is here to help: create a marketplace by book people, for book people.

The Philosophy: Your bookstore shouldn’t be your publisher.

If your bookstore is also publishing its own books, it has no impetus to deliver quality from either aspect. Its goal is simply to move as many units as possible in as little time as possible. Traditional publishing with a big house is good if you can get it, but it’s not available in every case. However, that doesn’t mean you should settle for something sub-par and usury, either.

Selling books without crossing ethical boundaries doesn’t have to be that hard–but you have to be willing to fight for the little guy over making a buck. Most online bookstore options out there aren’t about that, and if you’re here, you probably know that. But that’s what Indie Quill is here to do–fight for you, the little guy. Even if I never make you a dollar, I’m going to treat you and your books the way they deserve–as something you proudly put years of your heart into. Please tell your friends about us so that we all make many many dollars and show those goons who’s boss

By Book People, For Book People™

I believe that books empower people to improve themselves and the world, and can even save lives.  Be it through the movement of ideas, a sense of connection, the creation of community, or simple entertainment, I believe that storytelling–and the medium of writing–is a sacred gift to the world and it is here to stay.

I also believe in the oxford comma that writing is an artform necessary to civilization, so there’s always a value in supporting writers who pursue pushing the boundaries of the craft, no matter how the world changes–no matter if it’s trending or not.

Whether your book sells 5000 copies or 15, I want you to have the chance to find those people who want your book, and for them to find you.  Therefore, Indie Quill has a special emphasis on increasing the diversity of author voices, as well as increasing the commercial viability of genres that have lost that power, such as poetry, short stories, and anthologies.


About The Founder

IndieQuill was founded by me, Thalia. I’m a writer, editor, and teacher. I founded the company in 2015 after several years of percolating, and it is still a work in progress–a work I hope you’ll be a part of.

I’ve long been annoyed by the elitism in the writing world (even in writing school I felt that way), and after working for several years as an editor, I decided to create Indie Quill to address ethics and pricing issues I found running rampant in the indie sales world–issues a lot of people don’t even know are happening (or, even worse, are unethical).  But I am certain that if we work together as artists, we can change things. As writers, that’s the essence of our job: to see problems and speak out against them.

Indie Quill is based out of Iowa, United States. Part of my state’s history is equal opportunity. We were the first state to admit women to our universities on an equal basis; accepted and graduated the first women (and people of color) from our law schools; and were the second state in the Union to legalize gay marriage. We also created the first graduate writing program in the country, the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop, classes of which I, the founder, have participated in.

Toward that end, part of the company’s legal mission is “to create broader opportunities for the sale of books among independent publishers, as well as to increase the diversity of authors, readers, and written materials that may not otherwise be available in the commercial book marketplace throughout the US and the world.”

With your help, I think that’s entirely possible.

I graduated from the Columbia Publishing Course and have worked as an editor for self-publishers, international publishing companies, and startup publishers since 2010. Indie Quill completed the Venture School process.

Indie Quill is poised to be the next step in the self-publishing world, but I can’t get there alone. So help me help you! Bring me all your good books and let’s get you on the site as part of the IQ family!

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