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PB Azeltine

PB Azeltine is a team of two female authors, PK Burian and ME Drewry.  Together, they specialize in young adult paranormal detective series.

PK Burian was born in Seattle, Washington in the United States.  She writes romance, young adult paranormal/fantasy mystery, middle-grade mystery, coloring books, and nonfiction books.  She enjoys bringing many of life experiences in her books.  PK lives in Olympia, Washington, USA.

ME Drewry was born in Burien, Washington but raised in Olympia, Washington from the time she was three years old. She is an avid reader of fantasy, and many other genres.  She is a Special Education teacher by day, is obsessed with Supernatural television show and enjoys coming up with ideas for the David Finkleman Series.  She lives in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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