“Epigenesis”: From formless beginnings to complex ends.

Many poets start out full-on but burn out quickly.  I did not.  I ever grew in skill and knowledge and understanding of the Human Condition.

My first book of poems, on subjects from the 1950s to the mid 1980s that chart the moments of change in a life, or the moments at which you notice the change has already happened: the death of my father; the birth of my children.  My first professional job; nature in my home and abroad; a trip to my family's ancestral homeland in Greece; my notions of the English literature establishment; and much more.

Several poems from this book were published in various periodicals at the time of their original composition.  This includes features in College English, Iowa Defender, Edge City Review, Minnesota Review, Lyrical Iowa, and others.

Sold By: James H. Sutton


“Epigenesis”: From formless beginnings to complex ends. Collected poems from the 1950s to 1980s on the milestones and challenges in the life of a young poet.

Reading level: High school +

Concepts: College +

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