Harry’s Gloom

A Comedy on the Malaise of 1995



Where Harry's Love is about the hell we create when unable to accept love of being ourselves,  Harry's Gloom depicts the purgatory we create when unable to create significance.

Harry, now a high school teacher, hallucinates when he undergoes dental surgery. “The Malaise of 1995” is on his mind, which leads him to imagine he's a keeper in a zoo full of sick monkeys; his job is to find a cure for the monkeys.  However, he finds that he needs a cure, one that will free him from the monkeys themselves.

This books is made up of different kinds of sonnets and pushes the boundaries of the form.  In them, Harry speaks in five voices.  One, in Roman typeface; another, in quotes within parentheses; a third, italicized; a fourth-wall breaking editor, in brackets; and a preceptor, with lines preceded by bullets.

For all that avante-guarde setup (which if you like that idea, come hither and read forthwith), it's easier to read than you'd think, and quite funny.

Sold By: James H. Sutton


Harry’s Gloom depicts the purgatory we create when unable to create significance. 365 sonnets on treading water in life and career and how to save yourself.

Series: The Life and Times of Harry, book 2

Suggested Reading Level: Adult

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